Monday, January 9, 2012

improve market responsiveness and competitive advantage

1, there is good communication skills and team spirit; have a good sense of responsibility and ability to adapt.
2, I believe honesty is the first prerequisite of wisdom.
3, enthusiastic personality, cheerful and generous, compressive strength and good health.
4, hoping to join an excellent, team unity and struggle, achievement their own values ??and create greater value for your company.Six years of production experience in the electronics industry. Three and a half of large Hong Kong-owned OEM Factory NPI work experience, a year of large US-owned plant AME ODM experience. Familiar with electronics factory new product introduction process, familiar with new products, PCB layout and mechanical assembly, electronics SMT & Assembly familiar with the process, familiar with the product defect analysis. English proficiency. Good communication skills.More than 15 years of manufacturing, retail, consulting cross-industry work experience, senior management positions in multinational companies.
Manufacturing, distribution, systematic optimization of logistics, sales, distribution, production, procurement and more integrated management aspects of the process, dramatically reducing the supply cost of performance.
Overall supply chain reengineering project experience, to create sensitive, flexible, mass customization supply chain operational capability, improve market responsiveness and competitive advantage for business model transformation, the brand value creation, and provide strategic marketing and operational support.Wedding Favor Ideas
Collaborative decision-making to build a strategic management system, improve the long-term business plan management and control system to reach the market, product, operational and financial aspects of the common goals and strategic objectives with the overall height of docking, drive profitable growth goals.
International team leadership skills.Experience: years of sales experience in the steel industry.
* Professional Proficiency: familiar beneficiation, iron, steel, secondary refining, steel rolling process; proficient in molten iron and steel desulfurization process, the application roller and slab casting, learn slab clean.Wedding Wear for Kids
* Extensive knowledge: known mechanical, electrical and hydraulic knowledge, business terms, negotiation skills and bidding process.
* Good communication skills: an accurate grasp of the client's psychological and intentions, and new and old customers to maintain good relations.Romantic Wedding Chocolates
* Careful, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit; positive pressure at work, flexible response to problems, propose solutions creatively , never give up until the last minute!Have strong learning ability, practical ability and analytical skills; to different cultures and staff in the context of excellent work; have a good sense of innovation and team spirit; have good people management and interpersonal skills,Unique And Stylish Wedding Favors be in the collective play a leading role; can work in a dynamic environment, good to meet the challenges of self-blood pressure and accept new things.

procurement of foreign communications industry

University school of mechanical engineering and automation of machinery and equipment have some theoretical basis, sales in this area do have a technological advantage; other outgoing, do not give up, convinced he can become a good sales people.1, I have the laptop, motherboard, and many other products, time management, process management, quality management, price management;
2, the market channel development, management, new channel development and distributor management has extensive experience in the company's operations and financial well aware;
3, for Word, Excel, PPT production, advertising page design are relatively good;
4, fluent English speaking and writing, in addition to Korean language communication skills;
5, copy planning, product marketing, field promotion, human resource management experience and organizational skills
6, good teamwork and communication skills, strong learning ability and environmental adaptabilityA French Modern Wedding
? have independent thinking, proactive problem-solving skills, strong sense of responsibility and motivated
? the courage to challenge, have a good ability to innovate and stress resistance
? warm and cheerful and has a friendly and honest man1 I am the IT industry, SMT equipment, process and production management has a wealth of practical experience in the EMS, OEM, OBM companies can provide the right product manufacturing, quality solutions.
(2) pursue [speak louder than words, learning ability] is equal to the concept of competitiveness, constantly learning new knowledge, so that their overall development.Outgoing personalityRomantic Wedding Chocolates , good communication, good interpersonal skills, business negotiating skills, work conscientiously and carefully, and English is very good, be proficient with foreign customers and suppliers to communicate1 Two years of foreign communications industry experience in project management, Best Wedding Flowers
financial customers, three years experience in procurement of foreign communications industry. Big rich communication experience in customer service
2 familiar with SAP,Glogous Wedding Wears for Children Oracle and other ERP OFFICE EXCEL and other operating systems and office software
3 English speaking and writing ability, can be used as working language

certification system operation and managemen

After graduating in 2004 I have been working in the U.S. group. March 2005 from the Finance Department to transfer, overseas business department, has been working ever since. Assignment in November 2007 I went to the United States Miami, the company began to expand our own brand overseas business. In May 2008, I went alone one in Monterrey, Mexico City, began to sign up for our wholly-owned subsidiary, in November 2008 to complete the registration, after all the preparation work prior to August 2009 was completed and officially began in late 2009 to carry out local of business. As of February 2011 left the business office in Mexico has been fully unfolded, one by my employees to nine people, including six Mexican workers. In early 2011, because of our joint venture with Thailand co-stalled joint venture partner in Thailand, to my headquarters to consider past performance and the experience, decided to send me to Thailand to solve the problem. Arrived in Thailand after 2 months or so, I will solve all the problems satisfactorily. Since then has been working closely with joint venture partners, study the market situation, the development of the joint venture's business development goals and strategies. Above may provide real evidence.Take the initiative to do things, rigorous, bold and strong, has a strong sense of responsibility and self-confidence, difficulties and setbacks do not give up easily, willed to withstand pressure work environment, work with a strong goal orientation;
A comprehensive view of overall ability, strong interpersonal skills, be able to have infectious enthusiasm and energy to inspire others, insight into others, to understand the needs of others and motivation, with strong organizational skills and ability to cope;
And innovative, able to break the conventional thinking that things may be considered the new situation, to take risks, dare to try new things, adaptability;
Wide range of interests and hobbies, their ability to accept things of interest, the collection of the information they need have a natural thirst for knowledge and skills1 Over the past 10 years, known in Europe, Japan, Top Style Details From Real Wedding and Taiwan-funded enterprises and the actual wealth of manufacturing experience in plant operations management. Takes on Wedding Cakes
2 good team building, PCBA / plastic electronics and computer hardware, communications network equipment, precision electronic module, lighting, entertainment audio-visual products manufacturing and operating systems to establish and maintain.
3 who has managed a thousand factory manufacturing / project Technology / Manufacturing Engineering / Quality Department / Purchasing / PMC department / Warehouse Department. Accumulated a wealth of technical project management, production and quality, http://www.vodnidymky.eusupply chain management system concepts and methods of successful practice, hardware and software application tools.Wedding Cakes Galore
4 continue to learn and use (lean production) lean production, BSC (Balanced Scorecard), ISC (Integrated Supply Chain) and other management experience skilled SPC, 6Sigma, TQM, PMS, SAP, DAS & DCS, SIP system and other tools;
5 good at ISO9001, ISO13485, UL, CE, GS, CCC, OHSAS18000, RoS, ISO14000 certification system operation and management;Amazing Wedding Color Details
6 will be applied mathematical statistics, operations research and other knowledge to optimize production , and operations and decision analysis techniques, with the production process and supply chain modeling and simulation capability; have lean manufacturing, value engineering, http://www.emolife.fora.plproduction planning and control, logistics and supply chain management, 6sigma knowledge and skilled use of Auto cad and pro / e,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I will take the challenge

-Responsible:Once I make a mistake or even my mistake is only one small factor but has a bad effect,I will take the responsibility,think over the mistake or ask for advice and redo it promptly.-Persistent:Never give up until I have tried all my best to complete the task;-Flexible:Easily adapt to new environment and new changes;-Chanllengeable: As my objective shows,I will take the challenge to have both a great job and a happy family;-Rational-Quick-learner
For me, I would like to have a stand in fashion industry all over the world, or at least in China. If, when I get old, some brands arechi flat iron well recognized and accepted in a new market (China) from unknown cheap nike shoesto which I contributed a lot,chi hair straightener I will not feel myself any more satisfactory or successful than ever. cheap wedding gownsBesides, a happy and normal family is indispensable.There are a lot of people thinking it impossible/hard for a women to have shoesI will take the are my sunflower

Chinese GAAP and local tax regulation

A self-motivated and diligent certified practising account (CPA) and MBA with more than 10 years working experience in a supervisory/managerial position in all aspects of corporate accounting and financecasual wedding dresses, who is beach wedding dressesprepared to work hard in a challenging environment for career advancement and help the organisation achieve its corporate goals.
Career Objective:
Looking for a managerial position in corporate finance and accounting with a multinational organisation in China that offers opportunities for professional development and career advancement.
Good knowledge about IFRS, Chinese GAAP and local tax regulation
Self motivation and hard working
Excellent problem solving and analytical skill
Strong leadership cheap wedding dressesexperience and desire to drive the results
Career Objective:cheap prom dresses
Seeking professional career to utilize mycheap evening dresses background in Finance and Managementhopegracerainbow in my life

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saratoga councilwoman Susie Nagpal dies of lung cancer

Saratoga Councilwoman Susie Vedantham Nagpal has died after a seven-month battle with lung cancer. She was 46.
Nagpal died Wednesday night, according to an announcement on the city website.
"I think I speak for the City Council when I say: Susie was family to all of us," Mayor Kathleen King said in a statement. "Today, we feel we have lost a best friend and a sister. Susie brought out the best in us and she will be missed more than I can express. We are heartbroken at her loss."
Nagpal, who was a non-smoker and vegetarian, in October confirmed that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The first Indo-American to be voted onto the council, she learned that she had the disease after doctors examined her for a lingering back problem.
"I went from having a bad backache to a cancer diagnosis in one week. So it's been pretty crazy," Nagpal said when she announced her diagnosis.
Nagpal was elected to the council in 2008, after serving six years on the planning commissioner.
"Her warm smile, considerate manner of speaking, attention to detail and keen knowledge enlivened discussion and helped forge cooperation among her council colleagues," King said in the statement.
King said the Saratoga flag will be set at half-staff at all city facilities, and a memory book has been placed in the south lobby of the city administration building, 13777 Fruitvale Ave.
The lobby will be open from 9 a.m-9 p.m. Friday through Tuesday
Advertisementand from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. Wednesday. Starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, the book will be moved to the lobby of the theater building and will remain there until the end of the scheduled council meeting that night.cherish

Livermore man tries to steal pizza delivery truck in Newark, arrested after punching detective

A 30-year-old Livermore man was arrested today after he tried to steal a pizza deliveryman's truck and then punched a detective as he attempted to flee.
The man, identified by police as James Thomas Rebelez, was arrested just after 1 p.m. near Dairy Avenue and Mulberry Street, Commander Bob Douglas said.
Rebelez was being held on suspicion of attempted auto theft, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer, Douglas said.Police said the deliveryman was summoned to a home near the intersection, and left his truck running while making his delivery. And when he returned to the vehicle, he saw a stranger sitting inside ready to drive away.The deliveryman and suspect argued and in the process, the deliveryman called police.
Within seconds, members of the Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force — which was already working nearby — arrived and apprehended the suspect.
But before putting handcuffs on the suspect, one detective was punched in the face as the suspect tried to flee, Douglas said.
The detective was not seriously hurt in the
rainbow in my life
you are my sunflower